Safety, Jobs & Education intersect & create
A Triangle Of Prosperity T.O.P.

Florida First! America on T.O.P.!

We'll Fight To Keep Florida Sovereign, Free And Open.


Fiscal Responsibility-Preservation of Social Security and Medicare for our Elderly. Protect our most vulnerable citizens

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Create high paying manufacturing jobs by returning supply chain to the US.

Grants to manufacturing companies who have been Foreign Trade Impacted. Modernize our manufacturing plants.

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Bringing our supply chain home and modernizing manufacturing will drive demand for skilled workers

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Meet Jeff Buongiorno

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    Jeff Buongiorno is an American businessman who has chosen to no longer remain on the sidelines as the American Dream is fading for so many. Jeff in his business dealings knows first-hand the trials and tribulations that American small business owners are suffering under. Jeff has created successful businesses for the last 30+ years. Jeff’s philosophy is that low taxes and less regulation will spawn more opportunity for everyone, from the most downtrodden to the middle classes and beyond. 

    Jeff has first-hand experience in growing small businesses as a serial entrepreneur. Development of training materials for our great Veterans and the unemployed, leading to gainful employment through his experience as a Vo-Tech school owner. He’s procured grants to modernize many of our nation’s great manufacturing companies through the implementation of I.T. Systems, leading to enhanced productivity, while enabling a more competitive environment for industry. As an active participant in the Microsoft Research Panel, his contributions have led to development of many of the products we know and use today, including the cloud enablement of MS Office and Azure cloud services. Jeff will bring his unique skillset to Washington, DC to fight to restore the American Dream & opportunity for his constituents!

    An outsider to the political arena, Jeff believes that our government has been hijacked by lifelong career politicians who are operating against the best interests of our senior citizens and working-class Americans. “Reckless fiscal policies will undoubtedly lead to inflation and cause harm to our senior citizens, cost of living adjustment increases will not keep up with the inflation we are experiencing now. I will fight for fiscal sanity, so our seniors are not negatively impacted. Fiscal recklessness also jeopardizes the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world.”   

    Jeff is prepared to stand up and fight for the people of Congressional District 21!  He believes the Constitution is as relevant today as it was the day it was signed. Jeff is running for Congress to stand up for the people of his district and represent their interests in Washington. Straightforward, never wavering, he will represent the people as their equal peer, as our founding fathers intended. “For too long everyday Americans including senior citizens and small businesses have been ignored while special monied interests have had their way in Washington, DC. I intend to correct this situation as my interests are aligned with the citizens of Florida Congressional District 21.”